AA Twin Pillars Ltd is a global supplier of a wide range of commodities and raw materials to importers, traders and industrial consumers. Our commercial counterparts are both producers, traders and industrial consumers. Our role is to be a reliable and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market which we serve and to support these businesses as they expand and develop.

AA Twin Pillars Ltd also provides trade financing, logistics and other supply chain services to producers, traders and consumers of commodities.

The culture of our company has been built around the qualities of the markets in which we work. We encourage our people to be energetic: driven and decisive in identifying and pursuing opportunity; respectful both of the significance of what we do and of the individual needs and qualities of our customers and suppliers.

We believe that success in commodities trading comes through genuine long-term commitment to all elements in the production, distribution and trading process. This commitment involves the long-term ownership and operation of key physical assets such as mines and storage facilities, and long-term support of the communities in which we operate.