AA Twin Pillars Ltd handles the supply of metal concentrates from mines to smelting facilities and of refined metals from smelters to downstream consumers such as rod mills and galvanizers.
AA Twin Pillars Ltd also trades copper, lead and zinc concentrates as well as alumina, the prime source of aluminium.
The greatest complexity in the metals and minerals trading sector is in concentrates. The term “concentrate” refers to the product produced by mines from ore extracted out of the ground. Each type of concentrate has different degrees of impurities and complexities dependent on the ore mineralogy, which imply greater or lesser costs to treat and refine.
In-depth, on-the-ground information on the composition of concentrates and understanding the characteristics of each smelter is central to the trading of them. For this reason, the most successful minerals traders also have a long-term commitment in the production and supply chain process.
AA Twin Pillars Ltd.’s refined trading activity centres around copper, lead, zinc and aluminium metal.

“Refined metal” refers to metal of purity greater than 99.95% content produced by smelters around the world. Unlike concentrate, refined metal is generally homogenous in terms of quality.

These metals include but not limited to lead, aluminium, copper, zinc, nickel, tin, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and iron.